NTBB51CA Norstar M0X8A Analog Station Module

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NTBB51CA Norstar M0X8A Analog Station Module


$295.00  USD

A0650007 Nortel Norstar Analog Station 
Module ASM NTBB51CA-93

The Norstar Analog Station Module 
NTBB51CA-93 connects to your Norstar 
Modular ICS system to add 8 analog single 
line telephone ports.

Compatible with Modular ICS products 
with fiber interface capabilities.

Supports eight data or voice analog devices 
these ports can be used for either telephones, 
fax machines or modems

Standard module is compatible with all 
Modular ICS software release.

2 ASM\'s can be connected to provide 16 
ports via a Nortel fiber 2 port expansion 
card, Norstar fiber 6 port expansion card, 
or Norstar fiber 6 port combo expansion card.

Refurbished with one year warranty

Nortel phone system . gfaelectronics.com .