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NT4X40CA M5008 Nortel Centrex Phone Black NT4X40CA03


NT4X40CA M5008 Nortel Centrex Phone Black

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NT4X40CA M5008 Nortel Centrex Phone Black


$95.00  USD

NT4X40CA-03 Nortel Meridian M5008
 Centrex Phone Black

Meridian Centrex M5008 - Combines time-saving 
and convenience features with ease of 
operation. As with all sets in the MBS II
Portfolio, the M5008 is designed to maximize
use of Nortel Network\\\'s Meridian Digital Centrex 
(MDC) features.


*Since the M5008 is loop powered, 
you can be sure your display for 
Feature/Line Indicators will always 
work, even during power outages.
*Larger buttons on the keypad make 
dialing easy and quick.
*Eight line/feature keys let you 
configure the M5008 to suit your 
*The M5008 includes eight programmable 
line/feature keys as well as conveniently 
placed, color-coded Hold and Release 
keys for improved efficiency and better 
call processing.
*The built-in speaker permits on-hook 
dialing and makes it easy to access voice 
*The Integrated Wall Mount Kit gives you 
everything you need to install the M5008 
on the wall if you wish.


The M5008 is perfect for a reception area, 
construction floor, secondary department 
phone, or other low-volume calling 
applications where a display is unimportant 
but reliability and ease of use are priorities.

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